As  standard practice, we publish all of our mobile apps with a share feature. (If you are not familiar with the share feature in a mobile app, I will provide this at the bottom of the post.) Share is a very important feature to have in your mobile app as it easily facilitates more people to get your app. Our strategy is to not just share content but to share the entire app because it increases your audience and your reach for effective push notifications.

For those clients who are using their mobile app as a fundraising tool, the more people who have your app, the more people who can make purchases and subsequently will add to your monthly revenue. Our recommendation is that you leave the Share in your app and also take time to show your users how to us it. Make your mobile app go viral.


Til next time…

Rex Halbeisen

aka – “the app guy”

About the Share Feature


Share is a feature that is found on almost all mobile apps (online and mobile apps) these days. The purpose of the the share feature is to easily make content of an app with others. Clicking on the share icon (see one to the left) normally allows the content to be shared by email, SMS text, copy to clipboard and social media.